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Last August 20, 2010, I wrote:

"Be generous and you will be prosperous! Help Others and you will be helped." -Prov 11:25


TODAY, I read a new book of Mr. Bo. I love reading it, not because I do like it but because there's also you can get from it. It surely helps you or your family about their outlook on how disgusting if you are rich, DO YOU?. But also how meaningful is life if you are a HAPPY MILLIONAIRE!

Well... this simply is the money. But what's important for us is not that you join or NOT with this PINOY opportunity. It's for us that you see that YOU MAKE A CHOICE NOW
According to one of my mentor Bo, WHY A PERSON IS WEALTHY OR NOT, It's BECAUSE HE CHOSE IT. It's either one is to choose or not to choose. In either case you made the choice. So what are you afraid of not becoming one, if you haven't yet? Or what is your afraid of not becoming a HAPPY MILLIONAIRE? Find it out!

As for me, I read the book from Bo. (1st Chapter for now) /// I love to make you read also the first chapter of Mr. Bo new book. You'll end up enjoying and delighted!

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