Friday, April 26, 2013

Keep in Mind for the October 13, 2013 SECOND scheduled Civil Service Exam this year

"Be generous and you will be prosperous! Help Others and you will be helped." -Prov 11:25

Keep in Mind, October 13, 2013 is the SECOND scheduled exam (for this Yr 2013th's Paper and Pencil Test) ... And of course once ignored, then you might be late out to file.

If you are planning to take the Civil Service Exam, better take the initiatives now to file earlier. The Civil Service Commission is accepting applications on a first-come, first served-basis! (FYI)

Schedule of accepting the Filing of Civil Service Examination for OCTOBER 13, 2013 Scheduled exam has started starting since April 15, 2013 and valid only until _(within 45 days from the date of accepting)_. Please try check the actual date of deadline... Visit at my other link here...

My personal advise, better file your CS Application of Exam as early as NOW!... I will be posting here in the days ahead about the Testing Centers Officially Assigned by Civil Service.

(Or I will just post at the "Comment Box" below about the updates...)

Again, I have to re-state: "90% of those who took the exam failed! The main reason is due to LACK or NO PREPARATION."

One good thing is, if YOU may need a WELL-GUIDED Review coaching and Home-based, then probably, it's the thing that we can uniquely help you! Many already availed our styles, aside from the convenience that they were able to get, they were thankful for the benefits they gained!
Wanting to learn more? Visit the youtube site that I linked here... >

Again be reminded that: No more application is to be accepted after the 45 days from the date of acceptance....

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Friday, April 12, 2013

This is Important... What to bring on Civil Service Exam Day?

"Be generous and you will be prosperous! Help Others and you will be helped." -Prov 11:25

A must to check... Remember Strictly No Id No Exam....

Please make sure the ID you're bringing are the originals of those you photocopied and attached with your CS Application Form that you filed in applying for CS Exam.

Whatever possible concerns, questions and inquiries, find time to contact CS Regional and/or CS Field Offices in your area.
This is not an Official website of the Civil Service Commission (Philippines) nor we are directly connected with them.
It's only worth to help Filipino people!
Click the following link below to check their directory