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Usually Many Takers Don’t Prepare Seriously For Eligibility Exams Hence FAILED!

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Only 11.53% passed civil service exam
By Michael Punongbayan (The Philippine Star) Updated January 06, 2012 12:00 AM Comments (14) View comments

MANILA, Philippines - Out of 94,251 examinees, only 10,866 or 11.53 percent passed the civil service examinations held last Oct. 16 for individuals who want to start a career in government.

Results released by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) yesterday showed that 83,385 takers flunked the written tests.

In terms of regional performance, Metro Manila got the highest passing rate for the professional level at 17.97 percent or 2,113 out of 11,758 examinees, and the sub-professional level at 15.45 percent or 518 out of 3,352 examinees.

Other regions of the country with notable passing rate for the professional level include Central Visayas (15.06 percent), Central Luzon (13.39 percent), Western Visayas (12.26 percent), Cordillera Administrative Region (12.08 percent), and Southern Tagalog (11.87 percent), and for the sub-professional level, Cagayan (13.53 percent), Davao Peninsula (13.24 percent), Central Luzon (12.70 percent), Central Visayas (12.52 percent) and CAR (12.17 percent).

Almost 75 percent of the passers cited entrance to government service as their reason for taking the career service examinations.

Statistics further reveal that among the number of professional test passers, 4,735 or 52.31 percent were unemployed while 1,023 passers of the sub-professional level, 56.36 percent, were out of work.

Some 2,649 passers came from the private sector, 1,791 from government and 100 from non-government organizations, while 410 were self-employed.

Female passers at 6,641 covering both examination levels outnumbered male passers by 58.08 percent which totaled only 4,201.

Results show that those who passed were relatively young, with those in the age bracket 18-24 years old numbering 7,455, followed by those in the 25-31 age bracket at 2,441, topping the list.

CSC chair Francisco Duque III said many are flunking the civil service examinations because they underestimate the tests.

“Usually many takers don’t prepare seriously for our eligibility exams and therefore fail,” he told The STAR, explaining why only about 10 percent of takers make it.

“Also, the CSC must ensure that test questions are constantly improved and upgraded to current standards,” Duque said.

Edgardo Almonte from Aroroy, Masbate and Kathlene Luz Bugarin from Cardona, Rizal obtained the highest scores in the career service written examinations.

Almonte garnered a rating of 88.23 for the professional test while Bugarin topped the sub-professional test with an 87.34 rating.

Completing the list of Top 10 passers for the professional level are Justine Lara Millare (National Capital Region), 87.74; Katrina Mae Santos (NCR), 87.72; Alyzia Andrea Adorna (NCR), 87.68; Kitz Kevin Saberon (Central Visayas), 87.66; Kim Arveen Patria (NCR), 87.62; Elmer Peramo (Southern Tagalog), 87.57; Yvanne Paolo Yutuc (S. Tagalog), 87.53; Eumir Alexis Angeles (NCR), 87.51; and Oilegor Cash Apili (Ilocos Region), 87.45.

For the sub-professional test, Michael de Leon (Central Luzon), 87.26; Justin Alick Cordova (Western Visayas), 87.06; Joseph Czar Delson II (CAR), 86.59; Yvette Rabuco (W. Visayas), 86.25; Julie Rose Opada (C. Visayas), 86.21; Donna Estrella Monreal (Ilocos), 86.18; Anna Dominique Obligar (NCR), 86.14; Liezl Fabro (S. Tagalog), 86.09; and Kissha Albajera (S. Tagalog), 86.05.

The CSC said those who pass the career service examination earn a Career Service Eligibility which is one of the basic requirements for permanent appointment to first and second level positions in government not covered by Bar, Board and special laws.




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