Monday, July 02, 2012

READY? For October 21, 2012 Civil Service Exam?

"Be generous and you will be prosperous! Help Others and you will be helped." -Prov 11:25
Updates: Rev. 01_July 09, 2012
                 Rev. 02_July 12, 2012
News Updates:
Congratulations to all who Successfully Passed the May 27, 2012 Civil Service Exam. Here's the Passers List! Or contact us at: 0906 5327 448... To all those who took the Review with us, we are extending our thanks for giving us the Opportunity to serve you! Again, Congratulations for the Best Efforts you all had cooperated!

READY?  For October 21, 2012 Civil Service Exam?
This is to acknowledge receipt payments thru MLHUILLIER from:
1) Mr. Rogelio of QC - P2K
2) Mr. Arnel of Momumento Caloocan - P2K

3) Ms. JaeJae of Bukidnon - P2K
4) Ms Jane of Digos Davao - P2K
5) Many others who don't want to be published!
Note: Please wait for further advise about the shipment of the Review Modules

Just the same: Statistics shows that 90% of those who took the exam failed due to "LACK OF PREPARATION". The main Honest Solution is GET YOURSELF PREPARED. With Added Confidence of getting HIGH CHANCE to pass the exam... You may be just like others who availed our HELP!
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  1. from Grace of M: xxxx xxx 0469
    She did inquire about the Enrollment of CS Homebased Review.... dated July 01 2012,

    And.. This that I replied here:
    "Homebased Review Enrollment is Ongoing Now. Deadline of Enrollment is July 14, 2012, first come first serve basis. Limited Slots / Max of 30 reviewees. Review Proper starts July 23, 2012...
    I will be posting the Program Calendar here. Keep dropping by here!

    --- Sir jon

  2. from Ms. Eds Timabl Tadle:
    Mindanao (below is just part of our FB Chat
    dated July 2, 2012 1:05pm)

    Edz. Dugay2 pod man d i result sir noh

    Me: 90% of those who took the exam failed! But knowing and getting the high chance of passing is something...

    Edz: eopen lng nko na sir if mkanet ko gawas
    Unsa nga problem imo madumdoman nga nag lisod or nasayonan ka? Pwede ka blog sa akoa site?

    Edz: nkablok dri ofis
    ok2 sir
    mg open rku ana puhon

    Me: aw okey... naka block gyud ha? maayo kay wala mapil ang facebook hehehe

    Edz: nkigamit raku sa akoa head dri sir

    Me: okkkkk... iba pag head no... So better be the head and not the tail! hehehe
    Chat Conversation End

  3. ...
    July 03, 2012

    I personally thank you Sir, engr Jonathan E. Sihay
    for allowing yourself to help me undertaking my review.

    I am so blessed the way engr sihay is truly helping in
    my review. Medyo mahina nga ako sa math but because of
    patience and his willingness to help. It's really a
    blessings to be his student.

    --- salamat Sir Jon!


  4. July 3, 2012
    I even saw this. Is it possible to undertake a review at the comfort of your home?

    I tried, would mind helping me to hear your comments?
    here's the site:

  5. July03 2012
    Bytheway... fyi: 90% of those who took the exam FAiled!
    Would you be wanting to belong the 90% or wanting to be part of the 10% Passers? Well, the reason why so many failed was due to "LACK OF INTENTIONAL WELL-GUIDED PREPARATION". But just ENGR. JONATHAN SIHAY has helped a lot successfully prepared through his "HOMEBASED" Program, then you too can take the Review at the Comfort of your HOME... But time is our best ally and the worst enemy. So START TODAY! Many are availing NOW this HOMEBASED Review Program. Be counted... The Earlier you Start, the lesser Pressure, the more chance of BEING SUCCESSFULLY PREPARED... then you can say: "I KNOW THE EXAM. I PREPARED FOR IT, AND I'M GOING TO PASS IT! Contact him NOW:
    0906 532 7448 (globe) or
    0920 450 6400 (smart) look for Engr. Jonathan Sihay

  6. It's great to hear you here guys...

    Yes... we are preparing now for shipment for our

    Get Ready Guys... And for those who still want to be
    included, you only have little time to enroll...
    Deadline of Review Enrollment will be on:
    14 July 2012...
    Just in-case you still have inquiry, better contact us now
    Call us NOW!
    0906 532 7448 or
    0920 450 6400

    Maraming Salamat po!

  7. I still need to know if I can still avail this time your homebased review?

    Please do post back here!

    -jon of manila

  8. wer ang address ani sir tnx.


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