Friday, December 07, 2012

Congratulations! Oct 21 2012 Civil Service Exam Results Released!

Revised: 02 / 12-2712"Be generous and you will be prosperous! Help Others and you will be helped." -Prov 11:25

Officially released!
OCT 21, 2012 CIVIL SERVICE EXAM RESULTS RELEASED! We are proud of them who took their A+ efforts! Congratulations! Those who wish to get high chance of passing, TALK TO US!
0920 450 8400 (smart)
0906 532 7448 (globe)

For a complete list of Passers, Oct 21, 2012 List of Passers!
Courtesy of:

Due to public request, our clients who successfully passed the exam refused to be posted here!
We granted their request. 
They deserve their rights as to what they wished to! But again, we want to extend our heartfelt Congratulations to them!
(For our 2013 Modules Package Delivery Schedules:
Talk to us NOW! 0920 450 6400... ) The earlier you start, the more confident for you, hence your high chance of passing!)

for overall posts of blogs: click or visit now

For Region 10, Cagayan de Oro PASSERS:
Try also visiting: (click the link below or copy and paste it onto your browser address bar)

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