Tuesday, October 08, 2013

PREPARATION OR CRAMMING? Ninety percent (90%) of those who took the Civil Service Exam Failed!

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  1. Oct 09, 2013

    90% of those who took the exam failed!
    Ang reason ng High Failure Rate?
    Minamaliit kadalasan at hindi pinaghandaan!
    (Imagine! 90 out of 100 failed?)

    Just this week!
    Many have called us now asking for help...
    About how to get pass the exam (as scheduled for
    Oct 13, 2013)
    Again the help that our subscribers are getting from
    us is by helping them TRULY prepared even up to the kind
    of preparation that "WORKS LIKE NO OTHER ELSE"
    But SPEAKING of preparation, that GREATLY involves NON-Pressured
    time! otherwise... hehehe

    Many have called us just this week (starting Oct 1), a week before the
    Oct 13 exam... and they inquired and even asked for help...
    We said, "the best possible help that you can get from us
    is to realize that 90% of those who took the exam failed, ang
    reason ay dahil kadalasan minamaliit ang Civil Service Exam
    AT hindi pinaghandaan..."

    Speaking of paghahanda, kailangan mo ang time... ENOUGH TIME!
    (EVEN starting from the day you came out from the
    womb of your mother! hehehe)
    Or possibly not less than 90 days before the exam... But what happened
    is that some of those who called us just find time to
    call us JUST now/// (ONE-WEEK NALANG MAGEEXAM NA sila)!
    So by that alone, TALAGANG mahihirapan nilang pasahin ang
    Civil Service Exam! Dahil ang ginagawa nila ay hindi preparation...
    What they are doing is CRAMMING....

    Yes, you heard me  right! Crammmmmmmmminggggggggggggg!

    Hindi naman talaga mahirap ang exam....
    At hindi rin balak ng CSC na ipahihiya ang
    mga pinoy...

    Hindi mahirap ANG CIVIL SERVICE EXAM... Hindi lang madali !!!...

    Kaya yong mga subscribers talaga namin na
    NAGdecide (LONG BEFORE PA) to avail our Homebased
    Way of Preparing the Exam (that included review,
    practicing, mastering the TIME-TESTED FORMAT
    of questions of the exam) were glad enough and
    have more confidence in getting high chance of
    passing... In fact marami na sila pumasa! Not ONLY
    because we are excellent but they SURELY are
    MORE THAN confident to pass thru the help/assistance
    they availed from us!

    Again we did NOT promise them to SURELY PASS
    the exam, but we did promise TO HELP them to be 101%
    Prepared! (And so with YOU!)

    ... And MOST OF those who found the value, decided
    ALMOST IMMEDIATELY NOW to avail our Homebased
    Civil Service Review!

    Again, they're glad to avail our Homebased Civil Service Review,
    and there they are to go...

    And for the May or April 2014 (Next Year's) Exam?
    Yes! And even as early as today (Oct 9, 2013), Many already

    I suggest kun mayrun kang mapagkukunan ng
    Guide, I mean the one who really has thorough
    knowledge on what comes out and what's not,
    the better you connect with him/her...

    That's what our serious and interested Subscribers
    got from us! We have the assistance that "WORKS

    Just in case you need to learn something WHAT
    our subscribers got from us, that perhaps it's what
    probably be YOUR need too, in as much as the
    ExamI further WE suggest to have YOU to contact
    us now...

    Let's see how much help you may still need!

    Contact/ CALL us at:
    0920 450 6400
    0906 532 7448

    ... just incase you need more of my
    other personal circumstance, you
    may opt to visit at my Facebook:
    (Copy and pate that link to your browser address

    P.S. Again just as what I mentioned before... Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail... 

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  1. I just have read na kun talaga hindi maiwasan na kayo'y running out of time na... at least kahit papano may magagawa pa... Tingnan nyo ang tips na to baka makatulong pa!
    Here's the link I found...(this link is not mine and I even don't know who owns it... Take responsibility and see it to yourself if it's helpful for you or not!"
    (just copy and paste that link unto your browser address bar)

  2. Sir i emailed you! Pls read thanks.

  3. I am a Civil Service Topnotcher in both levels in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Both times I did not review. The first time in 2009, I took the exam drunk. I placed 1st in our region and I was one of the Top 10 placers nationwide.

    It's not about the issue of preparation or whatever. It's about proper education and thought organization. As far as I can say, this is not okay.

  4. Plus, your grammar sucks. Is this what you teach your students? Please. I can't even...Oh God why.

  5. Jan 19, 2015 ♥♥♥ Pasyencia ... mga friends, guests and valued subscribers/customers! I love you all specially those who dropped-by here... and all those who even keep coming back here! But in fairness, pasyencia na I have some errors - or as to some others might say "grammar sucks" !!! Well, dahil mag-iisa at personal lang akong nag me-maintain sa blog na ito and most often I can no longer have more chances to review for some/most of the published article here.. Salamat may iba nadyan na hada rin tumulong, (although some are harsh) :-) Pero salamat at kayo'y nag-abala...

    In fairness also, nakakataba ng puso ... dahil marami bumalik sa atin na subra sila nagpapasalamat dahil silay natulungan din in what ever small ways we had for them and even for those some that were having errors!!! ! So sana man lang... kahit sa anong paraan, makaka-isip tayo na may mga tao nangngailangan ng tulong (na tayo lang ang makapagbigay ng tulong) at sana naman we could also have willingness to give the chance in extending help to them!!! Regards and Be abundantly blessed everyone! ---

    Congratulations to all those who were helped by us and resulting them, to get passed the exam!!!

    And thanks also for some others to continuously helping us...

    ♥♥♥ Engr Sihay

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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