Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do You think This Video About Civil Service Exam Helps You?

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Just a video to share for added information!

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  1. good day sir.nakita ko yong video n. d last part
    .i was so intrsting.ksi im working n government for 24 yrs. stil casuAl kcd po eligible. im worki g n d library since 1990. anong gagawin ko tp have my security. thanks

    1. June 01, 2014 //
      Security? You mean Security of Tenure? At ano ba position mo? at may Item available ba? You said, you still are casual (Casual has still creditable service, alam mo ba yon?) and besides, malaking bagay na yong 24 years! Anong LIbrary yon, local or national?

      Pero ganito gawin mo, tingnan mo sa Qualification Standards at Approved Plantilla of Personnels>At hanggat maari, why not ask muna your Appointing Authority and HR, about your concerns? Tingnan natin, baka may mga alibyo yan! Itanong mo kun may vacancy ba for possibility of Permanent Appointments? Just discuss with them!

      Pero kun talaga ang issue ay dahil sa kakulangan ng Eligibility associated in the vacancy of position, then
      I believe you need to qualify first by having your Eligibility!

      And the Civil Service Exam, and passing it gives the chance of you to be candidate for the position, presuming that
      the position requires eligibility! right?

      So keep us posted if this has basically answer your questions or not, with a hope that we can refer you to the
      right Office in the Civil Service Commission to have you clarified with your concerns, k?

      Thanks for dropping by! And if you may, consider availing the HOMEBASE Civil Service Review of Engr. JONATHAN SIHAY
      the owner of the blogpage...
      or visit again and again at:


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